Peer review


  1. What problem is the project proposal addressing? What solution does it present?
  2. How well does the proposal explain why the problem and solution are important? Can the specific audience enact the proposed solution? What specific method for contacting  the audience is presented?
  3. Quote the research question the student plans to start their research with.
  4. Quote the tentative thesis.
  5. How interesting is the introduction? What makes it that way? How well does the conclusion close the proposal? Are spelling, grammar, and organization excellent?
  6. How well does the project proposal explain research beyond the first research question? Quote words that suggest other avenues of research.
  7. How well have the “so what” and “who cares” questions been addressed? How many lines of the proposed schedule are from the syllabus? How has the schedule been personalized?
  8. Is there at least one preliminary works consulted entry?
  9. What other suggestions do you have?