2010 final exam

This final exam is worth twenty-five points.

Page 520 of your textbook includes characteristics of a good summary:

  • Dramatically condenses information
  • Tells readers the main point of the summarized text
  • Tells readers other important points
  • Presents few details
  • May quote key phrases

Explanations of each of these steps can be found in your book. I’ll add three more:

  • Include at least one attributive tag (and others as necessary)
  • Present the summary in a unified paragraph
  • Summarize in a neutral, objective tone

After reviewing pages 520-524 of your textbook, write a summary of Tressie McMillan Cottom’s “The Logic of Stupid Poor People.” The essay can be found on page 1011 of your textbook.

The late paper policy, as written on the syllabus, applies to the final exam. Turn the exam in by emailing it to me before the end of class on the 23rd. When you email the exam, include “English 2010” followed by the appropriate section number and your name in the subject line.



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