Structurally revised

As I evaluate your structurally revised draft, I’ll ask myself the following questions.

  1. As a result of experimentation, is the structurally revised draft obviously different structurally than the rough draft? When compared side-by-side in their entirety, are the two drafts obviously very different? (The structurally revised draft isn’t final; sentence-level errors may still be obvious, but a revised draft should be radically different in structure than a rough draft.)
  2. Has new material been written? Has old material been cut? (For example, have summaries been expanded into scenes and/or scenes summarized, or cut?)
  3. Has characterization obviously improved?
  4. Are themes and settings clearer as a result of revision?
  5. Does the structurally revised draft increase the tension in the narrative?

If you have questions about any of the questions above, please ask me. I’m looking forward to reading your work.