Peer review

Audience Analysis Peer review

  1. Which three sources have been selected? Quote one of the three headings.
  2. Quote a strength and a weakness of one of the sources.
  3. How clearly are a summary, paraphrase, and quotation from each of the three sources used? Are these three strategies clearly labeled? How well do they connect sources and the thesis of the final proposal?
  4. Who, specifically, is the audience for the final proposal? How well does the audience analysis describe them?
  5. Quote the analysis explaining which audience has been picked. Quote a specific plan to appeal to that audience in the final proposal.
  6. What stance and style will the final proposal use? How do you know?
  7. Which spelling, grammar, or organizational problems are most obvious?
  8. What is interesting about the introduction? Which conclusion strategy closes the analysis? Is the analysis between four and six pages?