Peer review

Project Proposal Peer Review

Develop your answers to these questions. Be helpful. Use quotations whenever possible.

  1. What are the problem and tentative solution for the final proposal essay?
  2. Who is the specific audience? Does the proposal show why the problem and solution are important and relevant to them? Can they enact the proposed solution?
  3. Quote the research question.
  4. Quote the tentative, working thesis.
  5. What is interesting about the introduction? Does the proposal feel finished?
  6. Describe the research plan. Quote an example of the kinds of sources and search terms that will be included.
  7. How well has the student described the implications of his or her research? What impact might it have on which audience?
  8. How complete is the proposed schedule? What is missing from it?
  9. Is the works consulted list in the MLA style? How do you know?
  10. Which spelling and grammar issues are most distracting? Does the assignment meet the length requirement?


Remember, you’re helping each other propose research, define a topic, and make a plan for the final proposal due at the end of the semester.