Publication tools

As a result of our conversation in English 3420/4420, I’m posting the following links.

  • I like as a way to gather information about literary journals, presses, and contests. Duotrope’s Digest is also useful.
  • The Association of Writers and Writing Programs has lots of excellent and useful information. It’s the professional organization for teachers of creative writing.
  • Writers at Work is an excellent, local conference for writers.
  • The print edition of Poets & Writers always includes information about contests and conferences.
  • Book-length guides to literary agents are published annually. Slightly older, but not very different, copies can be found in libraries. Most bookstores will also have books full of suggestions for finding an agent. Remember, reputable agents make money from publishers, not from you.
  • Stephen King’s On Writing includes a brief account of one of his friends becoming published. Pages 243-249 in my edition. That account includes an example letter.
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