Found freewriting

Revise this material into a poem. Remember that revision often includes the addition of new material and the cutting of old. Consider revising toward a formal poem or recall the characteristics of free verse.

We will try this at least for today.. I’ll k\need it later in the semester, like tommmarow or the next day, but not today. I can do it, yes I can. I could blame my parents. Easy targets. I don’t think I saw them kiss until I was like twenty one, but my other brother he got it on. I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know. This semester could go quickly or it could be a lot of work or it could be both. I am hoping for the good news, but then aren’t we all. I wonder what will happen to me. I think I need to practice my typing along with every thing else that I am tring to do. I will try and write forever. To you. Is it a good idea for us to be doing this?, when the opportunity cost is this high for both oth us. What to do. What to say what to be. get it done, some thing having to do, or ending in earth, in a sink hole in disruction that way maybe a fire or some other disaster. The thinG that is debilitating in the worry about money I find. I will be so glad if things work out with Chuck I don’t know when or if I woll be getting bake to so much. Back to so much. I have so much to go back to. The only paradises are the ones in our past. If you’ve got to ask, its too much. The glass isn’t half empty and it isn’t half full, its more than I can afford. Can it be? Praise be. Praise being. Not Being, Not Dasin. Not Datsun (do they still make those?) the Disney version, so candy coated. Chocking  on the sugar. There are these brownies at my house. They are very good.

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