I will be in class on Monday

Here are your assignments for Friday, 06 Nov 09.


Using the material you wrote and emailed me in class the last time we met, complete exercise one on page 206. Use this, like all the exercises in class, as a way to move your story along, improve it, explore different aspects of it. You will be revising to increase your understanding of other points of view. Email me the finished exercise.


Continue to keep up with the reading. We will discuss at least the previous post “rhetoric and fiction” in class. You should have finished the first 156 pages of Hope Leslie by the time we meet.

2010 (both sections)

Friday is your last chance to conduct research for your annotated bibliography, which is still due on Monday. Email me on Friday with “annotated bibliography question,” your name, and the class and section number in the subject line if you have questions. I’ll try to reply before the assignment is due.

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