English 4420 and characterization

Based on what you know so far, address these questions:

  1. How do your characters act in the face of opposition/desires that contrast with their own? Do they plan, try to persuade, seek to escape, take physical action, for example?
  2. Describe three events that your central character remembers and that influence his or her current actions.
  3. Who has power (physical, emotional, etc.) over whom and why? What’s the source of the power? How is it being used? Which actions express that power? Which actions lead to shifts in that power?
  4. What actions by which characters show relationships at risk rather than overt/obvious conflict?
  5. What flaws does your character have?
  6. What mistake could one of your characters make? What might cause the mistake? What might follow from it? How might it influence other characters?
  7. How might this character be in conflict with him or herself?
  8. What dilemmas might this character face?
  9. List scenes you currently feel you’ll need to write. Which actions should you summarize?
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