3420 Thinking about processes and the draft

Address these prompts. You have lots of time. Do a good job.

  • Describe the process of writing this draft. What worked well? What would you do differently if you could?
  • While the specifics of an assignment are a factor, what generalizations can you make about your writing process? What sorts of things do you do each time you write? Why?
  • In what ways might revising this process be useful? Or, if you are perfectly satisfied with your current practices, offer a defense of them.
  • What changes do you plan to make to your rough draft?
    • What worries you about your opening? Your middle? Your conclusion?
    • How can you increase the reader’s engagement in the narrative?
    • Which scenes might your summarize? Which summaries need to become scenes?
    • Make a list of several “next drafts.”
      • Give each draft a specific purpose (In this draft I’ll see if altering the order of events increases the drama, or sort through and apply workshop suggestions, or add scenes that characterize, or rewrite summaries into scenes, or cut clichés, or rewrite boring scenes, etc).
      • Save sentence-level/grammar issues for the last draft.


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