Finding sources

With the reading assignment in mind and in small groups, answer the following questions. Send me an email with your group’s answers and a list of group members. We’ll talk about what you found once you’ve sent the email.

  1. How might one source lead to another?
  2. What are differences between primary and secondary sources?
  3. What are differences between scholarly and popular sources?
  4. How might you determine if a source is scholarly?
  5. What kinds of sources do college professor expect? Why?
  6. What is a book’s index? Why might one be useful?
  7. What kinds of information can be found at or the Library of Congress website?
  8. Which of the general databases listed in our text could be useful for the problem/solution you’re working on?
  9. What are good keyword search strategies? What works when conducting keyword searches?
  10. What kinds of questions should you ask if you conduct interviews?
  11. What tips for conducting interviews does the book suggest?
  12. What difficulties are associated with surveys and questionnaires?


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