Final proposal planning

With the reading for today in mind, do the following.

  1. State your tentative thesis. Notice, from 364, “Come up with a tentative thesis that identifies the problem and proposes a solution. Use this statement to guide you as your write.”
    1. What else do you have to know to persuade your audience toward this solution? When will you do more research?
    2. What main points will your proposal have to make? List them. Leave a gap between the items on the list.
      1. Which sources support which main points? Which list items?
      2. How convincing are your sources for your audience? Why?
    3. Connect sources and main points on the list by writing the names of sources in the gap.
    4. Briefly explain the connection between the sources and the points.
  2. List other solutions you’ll need to acknowledge fairly.
    1. Which sources document them?
    2. How will you reply to these alternative solutions?
    3. Which sources can help you reply?
  3. Share with a peer.
    1. Which spots seem weak in terms of persuading the audience? Why?
    2. What are two strengths of the planning?
  4. Email 1 and 2 to me.
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