2010 Toward the project proposal

Answer these questions:

  1. What problem am I addressing? What tentative solution am I proposing?
  2. Why might the problem be important to the person who can fix it? Who is that person? How will I contact them?
  3. What question will I use to start my research?
  4. What is my tentative thesis? Does it address the problem and propose a solution?
  5. What is my plan for starting the proposal? Ending it?
  6. What questions are likely to follow from my first research question?
  7. Why is this problem important? Who, besides the person who can fix the problem, might care about it?
  8. On which date will/did I begin research? When will I start working on my annotated bibliography? My audience analysis? Which other events do I need to include in my tentative schedule? When will I do additional research, actually write the project proposal and other assignments, and visit the writing lab?
  9. How many works cited page entries do I have?
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