2250 The Line

In a small group, answer these questions. Email me the result. One email per group, with a list of group members.

  1. Which meter is “the norm,” according to Oliver?
  2. What might other line length convey to readers?
  3. Do stanzas need lines with an equal number of feet?
  4. “Rhythm is one of the most powerful of _______ . . .”
  5. What does giving a word its own line do?
  6. Is rhythm an absolute? Should it always repeat itself absolutely?
  7. What is a spondee?
  8. What is a trochee?
  9. What are dactyls, anapests, and caesura?
  10. What is the most important point in the line? The second?
  11. That is the difference between true and slant rhyme?
  12. Oliver calls end-stopped lines what?
  13. What does she call enjambed lines?
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