2250 Final exam Fall 2019

The final exam is worth fifteen points. The late paper policy as described by the syllabus applies to the final exam. Turn the exam in by emailing it to me before it is due. It is due by the end of the final exam period. Be sure to include your name, “2250,” and the phrase “final exam” in the subject line of the email.

For the final exam, submit a set of poems and one short story for publication and document those submissions. As you are researching venues for publication, be sure to select venues that are likely to publish your work. Pick publications that will email you an acknowledgment of your submission. Most will do so automatically, but receiving an acknowledgement is your responsibility. For the final, email a copy of each acknowledgment to me following the guidelines above. Newpages.com can help you find venues for publication. Submittable.com is often a part of the submission process, as I demonstrated in class.

If you have questions about this final, please contact me.

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