3420 Sentences

In a small group, identify three sentences from the story that exemplify more than one technique.

  1. Quote the sentence.
  2. Answer the question “What two techniques does this single sentence use?” for each of the three sentences.
  3. Your answer should take the form of an assertion followed by the word “because” and an explanation.

For example, “She could hear Mister Lafkowitz talking—his words spun out in a silky, unintelligible hum.”

  1. This sentence characterizes Mister Lafkowitz because it describes his voice. Description is a common strategy for characterization
  2. This sentence creates an image because images are the results of the combination of sensory language and nouns: “words” are the noun here and “unintelligible hum” is an example of auditory sensory language.


Then, as an individual, draft three sentences of fiction that each use more than one strategy/technique.

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