Toward the annotated bibliography

Answer these questions:

  1. How clearly does my problem/solution connect all five of my sources? Why do I think at least three of these sources are scholarly? (Pages 459-460 provide help for determining if a source is scholarly.) How closely do my works cited page entries follow the appropriate examples in the textbook? (Discussion of the MLA style begins on 535; the APA begins on 591.) How much more research do I need to do?
  2. What can I do to summarize more effectively?
  3. How explicitly have I identified the thesis statements of the sources I am annotating? What are they? Can I list them? How can I make sure they are an obvious part of my annotation?
  4. How can I make my attributive tags persuasive? Do I know what kinds of sources I have and have I included them in my annotations?
  5. How do I plan to use each source? Have I made my plans for each source clear in its annotation?
  6. Which of my sources is the least credible? Which is the most? Why? How will I describe these limitations?
  7. How do my sources contrast with each other? What do they have in common?
  8. What separates my summary from my comments? What makes my switch from objective summary to evaluations, plans and connections obvious?
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